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Omega Star Camera

We use state of the art photofinsh equipment. The Omega Scan'O'Vision Star camera takes up to 2000 images each second with a high resolution 2048 pixel vertical line, and the corresponding time is displayed with each picture. This groundbreaking resolution gives 100% more information compared with other cameras, giving the photofinish judge higher zoom and more detail, resulting in faster decisions in those tightest of finishes.


Event Image is a specialist in photo finish operations. We have a dedicated team of operators employing the very latest in high resolution photo finish cameras and race timing technology. This cutting-edge technology enables us to provide crucial evidence for race judgement and race integrity with clarity, speed and efficiency. At Event Image we pride ourselves on producing high quality pictures and have many years of experience in all conditions making us the leading specialist in floodlit racing.


A race maybe over in a matter of seconds but with photo finish prints from Event Image Ltd the thrill and excitement of the horses and jockeys battling in a close finish is captured in a single frame at the official winning line.

Every horse in each race is recorded so even if your horse does not win you can still obtain one these high quality photos as a memento making them an ideal gift for the avid race goer.

Event Image can supply photo finish pictures from the racecourses listed on our home page. Please use the online form to order your pictures.

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